gardening with back pain. I had a small operation on my back but it’s all reasonably well

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  introduction to gardening with back pain

zucchini harvest hand gardening with back painI have had back problems for more than 30 years now and every year it gets a bit worse. Stil I want to keep gardening with back pain because I love gardening so much.

Luckily with the medical progress we make, I get some relief from my constant back pain thanks to some medical interventions.

About 3 days ago I got one of those medical interventions. And although these operations are quite painful, I’m happy they exist because they help me out in the end.

no more gardening?

radish seedling no more gardeningI cannot imagine the day that I would have to stop gardening. Gardening really is my way of getting away from the daily troubles.

I can really release all the stress while grubbing in the dirt. Making the small holes to plant my seedlings and seeing them grow up, makes me feel alive.

I did have to adapt a lot of stuff to keep on gardening, I don’t really mind changing the way I garden, as long as I can stay busy in the garden.

gardening with back pain or other problem

gardening with back painDepending on what physical problems I might have, I will always look for ways to keep on gardening.

In my current case, I leveled my grow area to a hight where I don’t have to bend over anymore. And it works out great for me. But I think, whatever problem I run into, I would search until I find a way to solve it.

To avoid lifting problems, I also bought a tumbling composter. This really makes making compost incredibly easy. Of course, it costs money, but I really need to make changes and I hope I will get my money back while growing my own food.

What about the future?

jora compost tumblerI don’t want to know what will happen in the future. I just hope there will always be a solution to my back problem so I can keep going until I drop dead.

I really mean it when I say I could keep on gardening until I die. I don’t feel as if gardening is a burden. To me, it really is a way of life and I love life very much at the moment.


stefaan walleghem that's meI did need the medical intervention to feel better. I can’t say I’m pain-free now. But at least, I’m not handicapped by the pain anymore. And as long as I can garden I will be happy in life.

I do hope future medical interventions will even get better to maybe finally make me healthy again. But as I already mentioned, as long as I can garden, I’m happy.

Okay, this is just me rambling about my back and my garden. But you get the point. I love gardening. It’s a part of my life I cannot miss.

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