about me, it’s all about growing food

stefaan walleghem aka fatsteve in growing food

It’s all about growing food

Who am I?

I’m an average guy, living in Belgium. Writing articles on my international blog about growing food. I specifically grow vegetables, compost worms, mealworms, and chickens.

Bad back pain often stops me from working. But I am still in love with my garden (and my wife).

To me, gardening is a way of getting away from reality.

More people should try to find peace in gardening.

Growing in raised beds. Or should I say, raised bins?

Due to my back pain, I leveled up almost all of my vegetable beds. I leveled them to a height where I can work and weed without bending over and straining my back.

I love gardening, vermicomposting, composting, growing mealworms and keeping chickens and I’ll keep doing it until I can’t move anymore.

non-profit: Carry the World

One of the things I’m working on is the nonprofit “carry the world”.

I’ve been doing a lot of recycling and helping out poor people with clothes and other stuff but it has always been without any money.

Now I’m working out everything so I can start a real non-profit but without the need for donations and charity.

Making money is part of it

I want to make the money myself to support the non-profit and I’ll do it by making my blog and youtube channel financially viable.

growing food

By earning money, I’ll be able to start growing more vegetables for the needy. And I will finally be able to grow meat chickens for the needy without any outside support.

I know it’ll take time to get to a point where I can make money for the non-profit, but I have time and persistence so I think, in the end, it’ll work out.