I haven’t been active lately


I know, I haven’t been active for a long while but fear not, I’m still alive.

I have so many things going on lately that I haven’t had the time nor the will to add anything to the blog. I’ve had a lot of administrative stuff to do and I have been in hospital for a while due to a medication error.

Anyhow, I’m back and ready for it.

Restarted with 2 kilograms of dendrobena or eisenia hortensis

Yes, I’m going to prioritize¬† on my worms for now. I really need a lot of compost to fill my garden with vegetables and plants. At the moment, I’m not making enough compost although I already ask quite a bit of coffee grounds to neigboring pubs and tea rooms.

People that follow the blog know I use raised bins to grow vegetables due to my back problems. I know am setting up such bins in my shed to grow worms. Each bin can hold about 10 pounds of worms so I started out with 2 kilograms or about 4 to 5 pounds of worms. I’m going to keep the worms in one bin until I can split them up. I’ll then put a second bin next to the first bin and grow my worm mass slowly.

changing feeding habbits

I am also changing my feeding habbits concerning the worms. I’m used to using weeds and vegetable scraps to grow my worms. But I need a lot more food then I can currently give to the worms. So, I’ll start feeding them with chicken feed. Yes, it is possible to grow worms on grains. I’ll just have to check the bins quite often not to get in trouble with protein poisoning.

I will of course discuss my feeding problem with different restaurants in my surrounding area and maybe amend with kitchen scraps of those places. But I will need to use chicken feed as a backup plan when I’m running short on vegetable scraps.


I know, it’s a short message but at least you know I’m still alive. I’ll keep you updated on the worm growing project and I’ll probably start doing tests and experiments with the worms as I want this to grow quite big.

See you in the next message and thanks for reading.


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