why organic gardening works.

Introduction on why organic gardening works

If we look at the gardening centers now, we are really spoiled. Everything is possible with the least amount of work.

We can buy machinery, pesticides and fertilizers, all in one place.

But is that really necessary?

why organic gardening works

Do we need all this chemical stuff?

If we’re to believe all the natural way gurus, we don’t need any fertilizer and can do with a lot less machinery.

Could it be true that we don’t have to till the soil before we plant something in it?

Can we really grow plants without amending with chemical fertilizer?

Are the plants safe when we don’t use pesticides?

The simple answer is yes, but of course, there’s a lot to do when we want to go natural again.

No fertilizer?

Well, it’s not chemical fertilizer we need. But we do need something to amend the soil.

organic gardening works

Ever heard of compost? Nature has its own way of dealing with green garbage.  And if we give it a hand, things will go even faster. Everything organic is compostable, even meat and manure. Of course, we have to take action and do the right things not to get in trouble with certain diseases.

It is very much possible to pile up all the green materials we find and let it sit until it turns into good compost but that’ ll take quite a bit of time and we could get in trouble with a lot of weed seeds coming through.

If we have the potential of composting at plus 60°C for a longer period of time, we can easily decompose animal manure and carcasses. Also the seeds will no longer stay viable and we ‘ll have clean and healthy compost to cover up the soil.

No pesticides? because organic gardening works.

It may sound weird. But if we keep the soil healthy, we’ll get healthy plants. If we get healthy plants, we’ll have far fewer plant diseases and pests to deal with.

Nature has a simple logic. If it isn’t healthy enough, it shouldn’t survive. So, if we grow weak plants, we’ll get in trouble with pests and diseases.

organic gardening worksKeeping the soil alive and healthy, will in turn give healthy growing plants who are far less prone to disease or pests. There is a saying, “You are what you eat”. The same goes for plants. If the plants get good nutrition in the right amounts, the plants will be healthy. And guess what, no one knows how much fertilizer to give. Only the plant knows what it needs. So if we make sure that there are reasonable quantities of food available for the plant and we don’t overfeed the plant, the plant will do what it’s meant to do, grow.

No machines?

To be honest, we will always need tools to garden. At least if we want to keep it as easy as possible for us. We can use a lawnmower and a tiller and …

But we can also live without a lawnmower. If we stop growing lawns, we will stop mowing lawns.

We can live without a tiller because there’s not really a reason to till the soil.

organic gardeningLet’s say that we can get away with the least amount of machinery as possible. It’s not necessary either to go back to the 19th century. We don’t want to be slave of our garden. But we can really get away with far less because a lot of the machines we use are pure luxury. It’s possible to do lots of things with the right hand tools.


If there is only one thing really important to natural gardening, it’s the care of the land. If we make sure the soil is healthy, vibrant and alive, the plants will do the same. We’ll get healthy vegetables and fruits, year after year without the need for chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

Thanks for reading and see you in the next post.


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