It’s been ages since I last posted but I’m still gardening


Okay, it’s been ages since I last posted. But don’t dispair, I’m still busy in the garden.

chickens free, plants in cages

Yesterday we bought some wood and we made some cages to protect the plants from the chickens. The chickens now can wander through the garden and have a huge place to peck through.

So now, the plants grow in cages and the chickens are almost totally free. Small minus is the fact that we have to search for the eggs. But who doesn’t like hide and seek.

seedlings are doing great

courgette cucumber

We have some cucumber and squash seedlings growing strong. We still have to wait until half may before we can plant them outside. But we made sure the seedling pots are big enough to keep them healthy during the next weeks.

unforseen potatoes

We weren’t planning on growing potatoes. But now we got some potatoes that already have shoots. So we just have to grow them. I don’t know what the result will be but I’ll be growing them in pots.


I’m much less on the computer and a lot more in the garden. I know I should keep you updated but at the moment I’m only in the mood to make short messages. Have a green thumbs day and grow home.

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