mealworm farm becomes bigger by the day


People that follow the blog know how I love my mealworms. I’ve been growing mealworms for several years now and I finally decided to go bigger with it. So a mealworm farm it is, now.

In the beginning, I had just a small number of clients but I now transferred all the income from the mealworms to the nonprofit I started and I want to make the system bigger.

3 bins system for my mealworm farm

I remember in 2012 when I started growing mealworms in 3 bins. I had one bin for the mealworms, one bin for the beetles and one bin for the pupae. I really just copied what I then could find on the internet.

In the meanwhile, I have 38 bins and I’m still growing more.

The 3 bin system is a good system if you only need mealworms for your own chickens or reptiles. But once you start to grow for other people you have to enlarge the business a bit.

I had a period where I worked with 9 bins and it worked fairly well. But as already mentioned, I now want to grow more mealworms and get more clients to buy mealworms from me so I’m enlarging the system.

a portable system for the mealworm farm

Because the mealworm farm system is totally made out of bins, it is totally modular and it’s portable. Having a portable system is really interesting in my case. Because I don’t know when the landlord will sell the building we live in at the moment, I need a way to remove everything I have in a fast way.

I did adapt the bins. I’m now buying professional bins that are quite a bit bigger and stackable. The bins are still really portable so I don’t have to worry too much about a potential transportation.

not sure about the price

I’m still not really sure about the price as I have not calculated yet what the mealworms really cost. I must say, I really don’t use all that much wheat bran. And wheat bran doesn’t really cost all that much.

I will eventually have to make a calculation because I do use vegetables to moisten the bins. These vegetables don’t always come from my garden. So, I have to pay for the vegetables I use. I do intend to grow more potatoes and carrots for the mealworms but I still have to calculate the time it will cost me to grow the vegetables.

Selling only locally

I will only be selling locally as it is forbidden by law to send packages with mealworms to potential clients. And the price to transport them ourselves is not comparable to the price we would pay at the post office.


At the moment I don’t really have much more to say. I cannot talk about the garden because the garden is mostly dead right now. But when spring comes, my blog will have more posts again.

Until that day, I wish you well.




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