Feed your compost worms for free

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worm bin euro in feed your compost worms for freeKeeping a bunch of composting worms in a bin is fun and it’s sustainable. But there’s a huge difference between having one bin and having dozens of bins.

With only one bin, you can easily feed your worms food scraps from your own kitchen. They will gladly produce the black gold you’re looking for.

Several dozens of worm bins take a lot more input than just your kitchen scraps. You will need to find outside sources to grow your worms adequately.

Maybe you’re planning on making a small business out of your worms and your compost. Or maybe, you just need a lot of compost for your garden. it’s also possible that you want to feed your chickens a huge quantity of worms.

But how do you feed the big mass of worms you need without spending money on expensive worm food.

Worms don’t need worm chow

how to start a worm bin feed your compost wormsIt seems like everything these days can be solved with grains. Every animal on the farm has a big part of grain in its food.

There’s a simple reason for that. Financially, it seems really cheap to grow the grain for the animals. But there is a catch. It’s not sustainable. I hope people will eventually understand that monocropping is not sustainable at all. Instead, it’s really detrimental to the soil and earth as a whole.

And one thing is for sure. Worms don’t need grains. As a matter of fact, it’s really easy to kill worms if you feed them too much grain. Something called protein poisoning will kill all of your worms due to an abundance of worm chow in your bins.

You can go and take a look in the forest. There is no worm chow for the worms. The worms live in decaying leaves and plant matter and sometimes in animal feces. So how can it be difficult to get wormfood for free?

All you need is organic matter

weed in compost wormsWorms eat the fungal growth and the bacterial growth on decaying organic matter. So, the answer can be found in nature. And there are natural elements around us all over the place. Even in the middle of a city, you can find some trees and some shrubs.

Something much more common is kitchen scraps. Yes, I already talked about your kitchen scraps but why not collect your neighbor’s kitchen scraps. You can also go to coffee¬†houses and collect their coffee grounds.

You can rake up the leaves in the fall and you can ask your neighbor you can have his fallen leaves. Leaves are one of the best beddings you can have for worms. And they can feed off leaves as well.

So, let’s make a list of free materials you can use as bedding.

bedding in “feed your compost worms for free”

  • fallen leaves (preferably shredded)
  • aged compost
  • aged horse manure or cow dung
  • wood chips
  • coco coir
  • corrugated cardboard (noncolored brown cardboard), ask around in shops
  • newspaper

food to “feed your compost worms for free”

  • kitchen scraps
  • compost that doesn’t heat up anymore
  • weeds
  • coffee grounds
  • garden waste
  • grass clippings (only small quantities as this will heat up really quickly)
  • fresh leaves of shrubs and trees
  • spoiled fruits and vegetables

ask around

compost pile in bedding for your wormsIt’s really easy to get free food and bedding for your worms. Just start asking around. Once people will start to know you, they will gladly donate their kitchen scraps and yard waste.

People want to get rid of their greens for free. Because in most towns around here, we have to pay to dispose of compostable materials.

There is a catch though. Always make sure, if people give you garden waste, they don’t use pesticides. Chemical fertilizers aren’t a problem but some fertilizers come with herbicides and/or pesticides. So be informed and talk to the people about it.

Teach people

You will most certainly come into contact with people who love to use chemicals just because it’s easy. Don’t try to change their opinion as this will only lead to disappointment and anger. Instead, try to inform them and educate people about easy, natural ways to treat the garden.

The people who use chemicals may not immediately change their opinion. But eventually, you will change some people’s minds towards the light.

Closing on “feed your compost worms for free”

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