give more space to my chickens

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Introduction on how to give more space to my chickens

chickens in give more space to my chickensI have been thinking about the chickens a lot lately. They are a group of 19 and there isn’t all that much space for them to walk around.

Also, with the bad weather we’ve had, their space is a mud pool. There’s no walking across without getting your feet wet.

Fencing in the chickens

fencing in the chickensI have some specific fencing laying around for the chickens. There’s only one problem with it. They can fly right over it. It isn’t high enough.

But it’s winter now. So, if they cross the fence, they won’t attack my vegetables. It’s worth trying and seeing how they thrive. I know I can put up a higher fence in a couple of weeks. So, it’s better for them. And I’ll manage to keep them fenced in by the time I start new seedlings.

I don’t have to worry about predators at the moment. There’s no way for predators to get into our garden and my dog is watching everything, every second of the day.

Bigger is better

They will get an area that is at least 5 times as big as what they have now. And above all, it’s filled with grass and weeds. So, they’ll have the time of their life scratching and eating.

I don’t like my chickens to sit in a small space. They scratch everything until there’s nothing left and they sit in their own poop. I wouldn’t want to sit in my own poop so why would I let a bird do that.

composting pile as food for chickens

I will start a new composting pile in the middle of the fenced area as well. I saw a good video on how to feed your chickens for free by using a compost pile.

I don’t think the animals will survive without the added grains in the beginning. There is still a lot to learn for me. But I want to eventually grow chickens for free.

I will have to see how it works out in the beginning but there’s a learning curve to everything. So, it’ll just take time to teach me how to do it. And eventually, I’ll be keeping chickens for free.

How will this help me?

give more space to my chickensI must say, if I get to the point where I don’t have to pay food for the chickens, things will get a lot easier for me.

As I already mentioned in another post. I grow vegetables and meat chickens for the needy. This costs a lot of time, effort and money. Growing chickens for free will give me the opportunity to grow more chickens and feed more people.

Besides the fact that I can feed people, I will also be able to learn people how to grow their own food for nearly no money.

Growing food for free is the reason I do this. Too many people have to depend on big stores to buy their food. And food from a big store isn’t food at all. it’s pure poison without any nutrition.

Giving poor people the opportunity to eat right, will, in the end, lead to healthier people. Healthier people can get out of poverty by doing something useful. Too many people are poor because they are “useless” to society.

Growing free food will set poor people free. No more dependence on cheap unhealthy food. Okay, I know, I’m rambling again. But this really touches my heart.

How can you help us?

As a non-profit, we need money to survive. That’s one of the downsides of our capitalistic environment. I don’t have any problem with capitalism, I am part of it. But I do find that people should help out other people if they have the opportunity.

You can help us out without spending a penny towards our non-profit. Just use our link whenever you want to buy something from and we will make a tiny profit.


It will be a happy day for the chickens. They will have more space.

My day will be good as well. As I don’t have to mow the lawn anymore where the chickens will be, I’ll have more time to do other stuff.

So this is it for this article on how to give more space to my chickens. I hope you’ve found it interesting. If so, please share on social media, with friends, and other gardeners.

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Thanks for reading and see you in the next post.

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