start making money with any vegetable garden

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start making money with any vegetable gardenA lot of people want to start a farm but they don’t know where to start.

Something those people don’t understand yet is the fact that you can start with almost nothing.

You can even take one vegetable and start growing it for business.

One vegetable revolution

potato field making money with any vegetableThe green revolution is the perfect example of how even a poor kid in a poor neighborhood can start a farm.

No, I’m not saying you should buy chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

I’m also not saying you should start growing a thousand vegetables a time. I just want to show that one small bag of vegetable seed can be enough to start a business. Expanding is just a job that comes next to growing the vegetable.

What is the center of the green revolution? It’s monoculture. The worst thing one can do is start a monoculture, but it can be a possibility to start making money before you diversify. Just one bag of, for instance, lettuce, contains 1000 seeds and more. And All it takes is about 45 days to grow a lettuce head.

How to start a mini-business

Go to a container park or recycle center and look for seedling pots. You can also make your own seedling pots from plastic bottles.

You can already go two ways once you have seeds and pots. You can start selling seedlings. But you can also wait for fully grown plants to sell.

One thing you really need is the habit of selling. You will have to learn how to sell. Because no business works without being able to sell.

Selling is not as difficult as it sounds. If you want to learn how to sell, just start doing it and keep going no matter what rejection you get.  You’ll need a thick skin and you’ll need ways to overcome resistance. Both these challenges will make you a better salesman while you are doing it.

No good salesman became a good salesman without the habit of bettering himself and the habit of rejection. Every rejection is a way to learn something new and adapt your way to sell. You’ll become a better salesman with every rejection you get.

Now, I’ll show you a way how you can develop the selling skill and the growing skill without overdoing it. It won’t make you rich in the first year. But it will add a lot to your future self and it will make you enough money to grow your business once you have the hang of it.

new clients, returning clients

returning clients

 making money with any vegetable gardenI cannot tell you how long it ‘ll take before you make a decent client base but you should be growing towards returning clients from the first lettuce head you grow. The way you can get returning clients is by making sure you over deliver for a good price. If you give the client more than he or she expects, you will have a returning client.

new clients

In fact, getting new clients is reasonably easy. It will take some hardship as you can be rejected quite often in the beginning. But if you want to learn from your mistakes, you will get better at it.

You can easily get new clients just by going door to door. Or talk to people you meet along your way.

combine vegetables with business

Okay, let’s get to the real deal. Let’s start growing the vegetables and let’s sell some lettuce.

One lettuce head at a time

lettuce fieldJust start with growing one lettuce head a time. Really, don’t start growing lettuce like a madman. Just go for one a day. And keep on growing one lettuce each following day.

The reason you only need one lettuce head a day has several reasons.

  • In about 45 days you will only have one lettuce head a day to sell, which makes the start quite easy.
  • If you don’t sell the lettuce, in the beginning, you can eat it yourself. If you grow more lettuce heads a day, you’ll be eating lettuce like a rabbit. Expect you’ll have difficulty, in the beginning, to sell one lettuce head a day. The problem in selling is, it takes a lot of practice to become good at it. So don’t despair. Just eat your lettuce and start over again the next day.
  • Once you sold your first lettuce head, you can easily rethink what worked while selling and what didn’t. I would advise you to write down every experience you had while selling the lettuce head. This way you can recapitulate and learn from it the next day.

Go back to clients

Once you find your first client, write down the address and the date they bought the lettuce head.

 start making moneyNow, this is the second hard part of the game. Go back after about a week and talk to them. You can ask them what they thought of the lettuce. And you can ask them whether they would want to buy a lettuce head every so often.

Try to get to a certain date. If you can make them buy a lettuce head every week or every two weeks. You will have a date where you can grow 2 lettuce heads on that day and you have one certain sale for that day.

By trying to convince them to buy regularly, you’ll have a client for the rest of your days as long as you overdeliver for a decent price.

Also, make sure to tell your returning clients, they can talk to other people about you. That way, you’ll get even more people who will ask you instead of you asking them to buy lettuce.

Don’t worry to tell new buyers your first delivery will take at least 45 days as lettuce doesn’t grow in a day. People will understand and gladly wait for your product.

Expand in different ways

Once you have a couple of clients, it’s easy to expand in different ways.

You can grow more lettuce heads a day to sell to all your existing clients and keep expanding by 1 a day to get a new customer each day.

It’s also possible to start a second vegetable, let’s say radishes, and go back to your existing clients to tell them you also grow radishes now.

Many existing clients will gladly buy new different produce once they know you and they know you deliver nice healthy vegetables for a decent price.

What can you expect?

light bulb vegetable gardenNow, this system really works and I know because that’s how I started.

There are some things you’ll have to think about along the way.

Unless you are really persistent, you won’t sell every lettuce head you grow every day. Just make sure you have a goal of at least 10 new clients in a month.

It’s really necessary to put a goal on paper about the sales you make because many times, you’ll have to push to break through. And the problem with selling is, it only gets easier once you have more clients. So the start can be quite hard.

From the 10 new clients, you make a month, you’ll have at least 50% that will stay a client for a long time, so you’re slowly building towards a bigger business.

Grow fast-growing crops in the beginning

bunch of radishes in Grow fast-growing cropsOnly try to grow fast-growing vegetables in the beginning.

You need vegetables that convert to money quickly. You also need vegetables that make you go out and start learning to sell quickly. The more you try to sell, the better you’ll become at it.

Another reason to grow fast-growing crops is the repetition you get from returning customers. If you see your customers every week, they won’t forget you. If you have to wait for, for instance, tomatoes to grow to maturity, it’ll take a couple of months before you can return to your clients.

See your customers quite often to tighten the bond between you and your customers. Customers will buy from people they know and trust.


This is a really easy and simple way to start selling. I have to say though, it can be really weird the first days you go out to sell one lettuce head.

No matter what you sell, the beginning is the hardest phase. The more you do it, the more you’ll get used to it. And of course, if you put your experience on paper, you’ll learn a lot from it.

After a while, it’ll be so normal that you can expand faster and better without any worry.

Just keep it small and simple in the beginning and grow steadily so you don’t get overrun.

Gardening is all about experimenting and that’s just what you should do. Start the plants from seed and it won’t cost you much at all.

Selling is all about learning from your mistakes, so make as many mistakes as you can.

So this is it for this article on start making money with any vegetable garden. I hope you’ve found it interesting. If so, please share on social media, with friends, and other gardeners.

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Thanks for reading and see you in the next post.

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