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lettuce field save the worldI’ve been thinking a lot about the way mankind is heading at the moment. Agriculturally speaking, we are going totally the wrong way all over the world.

Except for a few young and enthusiastic organic farmers that really want to make it work despite the hardship, the planet is still ruled by synthetic agriculture.

We are shouting loud and for everyone to hear that the world is not going to give in to the power addiction of humankind. But it seems as if we’re shouting against a wall.

Synthetic doesn’t work

Time and time again nature shows how it can adapt to even the most dangerous techniques that scientists try. We aren’t meant to tame nature, we are part of it.

Why do big companies try to fight nature with genetic modification if nature always finds a way to overcome. The fact that nature overcomes genetic modification should show the “intelligent” people that we are not meant to toy around with this kind of techniques. In the end, we’ll pay the prize.

Growing genetically modified crops leads to super-resistant pests that infiltrate nature and cause a lot more damage than what we thought it would. Still, big companies are trying stronger and stronger methods.

There is more and more proof that GMO is dangerous to us and all animals in the world and still it’s spreading.

Get together and rise.

The only solution to stop this rise of synthetic problems is to stand up together. I know a lot of people are shouting loud and clear but no-one hears them.

Just like the big multinationals, we should start to act internationally and join forces to counteract the big boys. I know there’s a long way to go. But we already have the frontline, no pun intended.

We already have people fighting for the natural cause. Can we join forces and fight big corporations to stop polluting our earth. It’s the only one we have.

Big companies can still make money but not at the cost of nature and mother earth.

Should we take them on politically?

save the world, grow organicIs there a way to politically intervene when problems are about to occur and not when it’s too late?

I know a lot of people who really want to fight for nature. But most of the time they are going into a niche market like how to kill a pig decently or “don’t eat meat”. Those are not the points we have to fight. Although really idealistic, it’s not realistic. The fight for vegetarian lifestyle is not going to resolve the synthetic revolution we now have. Animal rights won’t change the way big companies think. Because we are all minorities.

We don’t have to fight the way the pigs and chickens are reared and killed. We don’t have to disagree with vegetarian lifestyle or not. We have to fight the system that makes this happen.

We don’t have to fight the farmers using toxic products, we have to fight the corporations that make them use the toxic products in the first place.

We, the people who love mother earth and nature, should unite under one flag and stop the synthetic revolution. We shouldn’t be fighting amongst each other to know who is the most nature loving. We should be fighting the real threat. And that threat is the system that thinks they can overrule nature.

Can we make a difference?

I really wonder if we have the head and the heart to really make a difference. I wonder if some people are trying to reach the top and make a difference.

I know for myself that I really wish I would get filthy rich so I can be the change. But it’s a really hard way to go.

Some people really go hard against societies will and manage to survive and even thrive, look at the Salatin family. But once again, that’s just one family against hundreds of shareholders in the big companies.



It is our duty to speak up and act

save the world, grow organicAs bloggers or vloggers or public speakers, engaged in the future of nature and the world as a whole, it’s our duty to speak up.

We have to form groups, coops and meet up to start the rise of organic farming. Not as a spike here and there. But as a mass all over the world.

We can no longer accept that rich shareholders are playing with our health and our future. We can no longer accept “rich people” poisoning the average Joe while eating organic themselves.

We have to take a stand, we have to rise and we have to hold hands until the end.

People, really, this is a war that will be fought on the highest level possible. it’s all about money. And it can only be fought with money.

We all have to start being commercial instead of pacifistic. We have to grow and make money to form a barrier because only money can stop the money.

Closing on “save the world, grow organic”

I must say, everything mentioned above is thoughts I have in my mind. I’m sometimes so fed up with all the bull* that is fed to us (verbally and literally) that I have to write off my hate feeling.

I made it a point not to be aggressive against anyone. But sometimes it’s really difficult to keep my cool.

Just seeing what big corporations like Monsanto are doing to the people and the world. It’s just mind-boggling.

Anyhow, maybe there are some points to remember and maybe we can start forming groups to fight the big bad boys of the world.

I’m already happy that people are starting to react to the “global” economy by going local but there’s still a long way to go. I hope we can all do our share of the job and make the world a better place after all.

Luckily more and more scientists and people with influence are joining the natural movement. And they start proving the dark side of the synthetic revolution. Let’s hope we can all do our share and eventually stop the rising of the pesticide machine.

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