basil from a grocery shop, don’t buy it.


I love growing basil. It’s as easy as can be. You can grow basil from seed, or from cuttings, however, you like.

This season, I was late sowing my basil so I bought a plant from a grocery shop (I’m not talking about a nursery).

Quality of plants in a grocery shop

Plants in grocery shops have a short shelf life and the reason is simply lack of plant maintenance.

The plants are put on a shelf and don’t get any fertilizer, any care, heck, they don’t even get water.

Me, being stupid

Being too late sowing my plants I thought I could save a plant and treat myself some basil leaf.

OK, the plant didn’t look too good but why not give it a try for 1 euro 50 a pot.

OMG, was I wrong? If I would calculate the time it took me to treat the plant, harden it off and shape it again (cut of wilted leaves and branches), I could have easily sown 20 or more basil plants myself.

My self-grown plants were even big enough to harvest leaves off when the plant was starting to shape up again.

The worst part is, it could have ruined my greenhouse plants. Luckily, no pests or diseases were around to start killing of my other plants. I do have one other plant (from a garden shop) that gave me problems but that’s for another post.

how to grow basil?

Basil is not difficult to grow. If you want to know how to grow basil, you can check this article I wrote.

It’s also pretty easy to grow basil cuttings in water. Follow this basil cutting link for more information.

Moral of the story

I shouldn’t have bought basil from the grocery store. I could have bought it from a greenhouse or a garden center, where they take care of their plants but I always want to go the cheapest way and that isn’t always the best way.

So, now you know, be careful when buying plants in grocery shops. You never know how long the plants have been standing on the shelf and it could mean disaster to your other plants.

Check out my small video I made about the shop-bought basil plants.

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