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cat on pillowThis is a real-life cat story, which in hindsight is quite funny. But at the moment when it happened, I couldn’t really laugh with it.

Let me start with the start. This morning I woke up, feeling well and ready to take some action. I knew I had some pigeons to pluck and gut to get them ready for tomorrow’s dinner.

So I prepared everything and started plucking away. After about an hour I had cleaned 5 pigeons and brought the bucket with the pigeons to the kitchen.

never trust a cat

Now what happened afterward made me furious but it was kind of my fault.


Entering the kitchen, I put my bucket on the sink. The bucket was half full of water and the cleaned pigeons were immersed in the water.

I went to my office, which happens to be my smoking spot, to smoke a cigaret.

As the bucket was filled with ice cold water and the pigeons were underneath the water level I had nothing to fear.

If it wasn’t for my cats, I would have nothing to fear about my pigeons being kidnapped or pigeonnapped by anything.

After smoking my cigaret in the office, I came back and found bloody water all over the kitchen floor and on the sink.

My first thought was:” Did I mess this up by splashing water all over the place?”

but then reality kicked in. I ran to the bucket and pulled out the pigeons, I had 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 pigeons and I knew the fifth one wouldn’t be able to fly away anymore.

 chainsaw massacre

4 cleaned pigeons.jpg

I was furious as I started to follow the bloody trail in the kitchen. Because I now was sure that one of my cats was running around with a cleaned pigeon in his mouth.

At first, I thought he ran outside with it, just to be sure he was left alone. But then I saw the blood trail was continuing underneath the kitchen table.

I sat on my knees and, yes siree, he was munching away at my cleaned pigeon.

When finding the cat and the pigeon underneath the table, I used a lot of words I’m not going to mention in this post as it could upset some people.

I have to be honest though, it was my fault.

The cats are used to getting the hearts and the stomachs from the pigeon as soon as I’m finished cleaning them. So now, they just thought about getting them out themselves.

And of course, they were really happy finding a big piece of meat instead of a small heart.

One thing, I’ve learned is the fact that cats are not afraid of water if they really want something.

Another point could be, stop smoking, it’s bad for the stomach.

cat pigeon.jpg

Now for the punishment, I have in mind. As they were so clever at pulling the pigeon out of the bucket, I took the pigeon away.

I’ll keep it for dinner tonight. So instead of their normal food, they’ll get a raw pigeon to eat. But I don’t have the impression that they will hate me for it.


So that’s it for my cat and pigeon story. We’ll have 4 pigeons instead of 5 for dinner tomorrow. But at least, I don’t have to buy food for the cats tonight.

I made a video about plucking and gutting pigeons if you are interested in seeing it, just follow this link.

I hope you enjoyed this post and if so, please share with your friends. Thanks for reading and see you in the next post.

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