harvesting beans and removing the plants

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I have peas sown out in small pots and I will need the space in a couple of weeks to plant them out.

As the weather is getting worse, I’ll be planting them in the greenhouse.

I grew beans in the greenhouse and it worked out really well harvested about 1300 grams of beans from 10 plants. So I’m happy with that. But the plants are at the end so it’s time to remove them.

The bins used for the beans will be used for the peas. I know growing legumes on the same spot every time is not good, but I’ll only do it once and I know, there won’t be a problem. As long as I don’t grow peas or beans in the same spot next year, it’ll be alright.

I removed the plants and composted the plants in the compost bins. I started amending the soil with tomato leaves already while growing the beans and now I cut the tomato leaves down so they compost a bit faster. These leaves will act as a slow release fertilizer for the peas.

I hope you watch the video. If you have any questions, just ask in the comments.

Thanks for reading and see you in the next post.

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