how to make cheap raised bins

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how to make cheap raised bins

Having had back problems for a really long time I saw my time in the garden going down year by year, but now I finally found a solution to make cheap raised bins up to my standing height so I can keep on gardening without worry.

The bins I make, do cost me about 80 euro’s a bin but they last for a very long time and I can keep on gardening.

I just use plastic pallets to get the bins to a higher level. The bins themselves are made of 1000 liter water bins that I cut in half. One-half has 1 pallet attached and the top half doesn’t. The bottom half, with the pallet, attached needs 3 plastic pallets underneath and the top half, without the attached pallet needs 4 pallets underneath.

Once set up, I can fill the bins with compost and start growing my vegetables in it. check out the video and see with your own eyes, I made my own small miracle (with huge help from my son)

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