removing tree stumps with fire


Removing tree stumps with fire is one of the easiest ways to remove tree stumps.
It does take a lot of time but it’s worth the small effort in the end.

remove them by hand

removing tree stumps burnerIt’s possible to remove tree stumps by hand. You can dig a hole around the tree stump, start cutting the horizontal roots coming out of the stump and cutting underneath the stump to remove the potential taproot. We have done this before but it takes quite a bit of time and it’s really intensive.
It is pure hard work. Having a background in programming, I’m more of the lazy type, so working hard isn’t really what I’m looking for. I always look for an easy way out. So, pulling out tree stumps the hard way isn’t what I want to do.

dig out with a machine

Besides digging out the tree stumps by hand, it’s possible to dig it out with a machine.

There are specific machines on the market to grind the stumps into woodchips and go quite deep to remove the biggest part of the stump.

Here we have a small problem, there is no way, I can get that sort of machine to my backyard without breaking down part of my house (wonder what would happen if anything ever caught fire in my backyard). The pathway to my backyard is so small that I can hardly push through a hand-pushed lawnmower so grinding out the stump with a machine is not possible.

removing tree stumps with fire

The third way and the only way I can remove tree stumps is by burning them out.

Burning tree stumps is an idea I found on the internet (how come, I didn’t come up with that idea?).

It seems really easy and all it takes is wood, a lighter and time.

So, we started digging around the stump about 10 centimeters deep, that must be about 4 to 5 inches. Once we dug around the stumps, we filled up the hole with wood and started burning the stumps.

I tried to drill holes in the stump with my drilling machine. But I could hardly scratch the surface. That wasn’t the way to go.

We just did it the really old fashion way, we started a fire around the stumps and we kept the fire going for as long as needed. One stump took us 3 days to burn out but we finally got it done, without breaking a sweat.

There is an adaptation possible to the third way and that’s using the wood saw to cut a cross in the stump, as deep as possible and starting the fire on top to let burning wood ashes fall into the cross-section and start burning from the inside out. I still have some tree stumps to go, so I’ll definitely try it out and make a small video about it.


In the meanwhile, this is the video I made on removing tree stumps with fire in my backyard

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