who am I???

Okay, here we go. I made the decision to restart my blog and to take time to make youtube video’s again. Sadly enough, I didn’t make time for it. So now is as good a time as any. I want to start over again. I removed all my former video’s (vegetable steve) and I will start over with totally new videos.

Who am I?

stefaan walleghemI’m 45 years old. I live in West Vlaanderen, Belgium and I’m in love with my garden. Due to medical reasons, it’s not always easy to work or even be in the garden and I regularly need some help.
Thanks to new medication, I’m feeling quite a bit better and I can hop around in the garden again. Let’s say it’s more wiggling then hopping.

Thanks to my son, I adapted a part of my garden. Together we used 1000 liter bins (can you call that a bin?) to get to my level. Now I don’t have to sit on my knees all the time (I can’t bend) to do the cleaning shores in the garden.

Now I have the bins in the garden, I can enjoy gardening again without having the heavy labor as a down point.

What did I do in the past?

RitaTogether with my wife, I had a cleaning business for 16 years. She cleaned interiors and I cleaned windows (that way we didn’t argue)
It really was a good step towards financial independence but due to my back problems, we had to leave the cleaning business behind and try to live with a lot less money.

After the cleaning business, I started up as a network engineer and I started programming a lot.
I loved doing it but I got so involved that I became a real workaholic and I burned out after 10 years.

So now we have to live at a much lower level financially and I don’t really like it. I would love to become an entrepreneur again but I have to watch out what I do due to my physical and psychological background. I hope, one day, I’ll be financially, physically and psychologically healthy again.

As I mentioned above, I have new medicines that give me the chance to be back in the garden and that’s one step in the right way again. I cannot do it alone, but thanks to my stepson I can put some decent work in and see some results.

What this blog is about.

Gardening and everything that happens in and around the garden is what I’m aiming for in this blog.
I’ll be talking about the garden, giving information about gardening, composting and vermicomposting.

Why all this work?

I am an entrepreneur, that’s for sure, but now I want to go a totally different way. Together with my wife and a third person, we started a non-profit concerning recycling. The potential gains of the non-profit will be used to expand the non-profit and be donated to different charities.

As I like to garden, I suggested that we started growing vegetables and chickens for the needy around us.  So, now, we are putting everything together to start up the system.

We already collect bottle caps for the blind. We collect clothes for people who need them, obviously. We are growing vegetables and eggs and donate this to a donation center in our city. We actively recycle metal, plastic, textile and of course kitchen scraps.

That’s it for this post, if you have any questions, feel free to post your question in the comments. I really hope you enjoyed reading this post and all the posts coming after this one.

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