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How to grow basil?


how to grow basil, basil cutting in my handBasil is a real treat for the mouth and a scent for the nose. People use it in several dishes like tomato sauce. It has the nickname “king of herbs’ by many cooks and authors. In India, the herb is even considered a holy herb. Still, it’s really easy to grow. If you want to know how to grow basil, just read on.


 What is basil?


The Latin name for basil is “Ocimum basilicum”. Basil is part of the family of Lamiaceae. The herb makes it’s blossoming late summer and the flowers are small and white. The stem is square and hairy.

The plant is considered an annual, but in warmer regions, it’s a perennial. The oval-shaped, serrated leaves which end in a point, have a very strong fresh taste.

Where to grow basil?


basil in pot. How to grow basilBasil likes a spot in a well drained humus-rich soil in full sun.


The pH value is best between 6 and 7.

For growing your basil in pots, you can use regular potting soil with organic fertilizer. You can also make your own potting soil as long as you take care of the ph value and the fertility of the soil you use.

 When to grow basil?

You can basically grow basil whenever you want if you start growing it indoors.
For people who want to sow or plant outdoors, you should wait until the last day of frost has passed because basil will most certainly die from the cold.
For us, we start growing basil outside from mid may, depending on your zone this could be earlier or later.

Taking care of your plants

Taking care of a basil plant is as easy as watering. As long as the soil is well drained and has some organic fertilizer in the kind of compost or other, the plant will do just great.
I personally always keep my basil in pots. Only water the plant when the topsoil starts to dry out because basil doesn’t like wet feet.
Basil can be propagated by seed or by taking cuttings. Either way, it’s really easy.
Propagating by seed is nothing more than filling a pot with potting soil (that you buy or make yourself). Flattening the soil and spread some seeds, you don’t even have to cover the seeds up as basil seeds are light sensitive.
If you want to take cuttings, all you have to do is take some cuttings of 8 cm or 3 inches and put them in a small pot of water (say 2 cm or 1 inch of water). As soon as you see the white small roots pop out, you gently plant the cuttings in the soil (just a regular potting soil will do)

Harvesting basil

This doesn’t have anything to do with how to grow basil, but I find it a necessary part to complete the article.

growing basil, dark green basil
To harvest basil you just have to cut off small twigs with leaves on. If you cut carefully above a couple of leaves you’ll see two new twigs coming out of that node in less than a week, so you’ll get even more basil by harvesting correctly.

 Diseases of basil

Basil doesn’t have a lot of diseases but it is quite mold-sensitive so it’s always better to sow the plant in a pot. If you want to sow or plant in the ground, it’s good to disinfect the soil before planting.
I’ll have a message and a video soon of how you can disinfect the soil without chemicals.

Snails or slugs

Snails are not really a disease but they are a real pest. Basil is a real treat for snails and slugs, so it is necessary to take precautions if the plants are put outside, otherwise, your basil plant could vanish in thin air.


 Aphids can be a pain as well, especially if the plants are stressed out due to water shortage or high temperature. Dealing with aphids takes a couple of weeks as the eggs are quite difficult to destroy. I usually use pyrethrum


You should be able to grow basil easily now. Whether you grow from seed or from cuttings is totally up to you.

That’s about all I have to say now about basil. If you have any problem with growing or sowing basil, just make some pictures, contact me and we can check if there’s a way to solve the problem.

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